Mubarak to Hezbollah: Beware of Egypt's Wrath

Egyptian President responds for the first time to Egyptian arrest of 49 suspected Hezbollah operatives.

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak on Thursday warned the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah, and its suspected allies Iran, that he would not tolerate "the intervention of regional powers that are hostile to peace and that aim to drag the region into the abyss."

Speaking out for the first time since Egyptian authorities announced two weeks ago the arrest of 49 Hezbollah agents on suspicion of carrying out hostile operations.

The government statement said that the men were looking to destabilize Egypt's general security. Egyptian media later quoted senior officials as saying that it had been Iran that had masterminded the terror attacks against targets in Egypt by Hezbollah operatives.

During a ceremony marking 27 years since Israel pulled out of Sinai, Mubarak declared that he would not allow any group or state to harm Egypt, warning that Egypt would "uncover any plot devised by its enemies," and that it would not allow anything to destabilize it.

"They [Hezbollah and Iran] aspire to impose their influence on our Arab world by introducing hostile elements into the region, in efforts to threaten Egypt's national security," Mubarak said.

Egypt is well aware of the plans of these "hostile elements," the Egyptian president went on to say, adding that "we will uncover their plot; beware of Egypt's wrath."