More Than 500 Protest in TA Against IDF Raids in Lebanon, Gaza

Protesters call IDF operation unnecessary war, demand government hold negotiations on a prisoner exchange.

More than 500 left-wing activists gathered in central Tel Aviv on Sunday to protest the escalating violence in Lebanon and the Israel Defense Forces' continued offensive in the Gaza Strip.

Police forces blocked the protesters when they arrived at the site of the demonstration, and detained three people for questioning.

The protesters called the IDF's operations an unnecessary war, and demanded that the government hold negotiations on a prisoner exchange.

"We have learned from history that military solutions don't bring anything other than death and destruction," said Abir Kobti, an activist in the Coalition of Women for Peace. "We are calling on the government to regain its composure, come down from the tree, and solve these problems with negotiations to save us from more deaths on both sides," she said.

Kobti said the media diminishes the attacks on Lebanese civilians as outcomes of a military offensive, thus "portraying it as a necessary war surrounded by full consensus."

A women's protest was also held Sunday next to the central Haifa train depot where a Hezbollah rocket landed early Sunday, killing eight people. The women said that in the coming days, they would be assembling a new group of Arab and Jewish women against the war.