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The Knesset Committee on the Status of Women approved a bill Wednesday which would ease the process of receiving restraining orders, thus preventing domestic violence towards women.

Today, courts are not allowed to issue a restraining order against someone until they have a hearing and plead their case. The bill calls for courts to issue the restraining orders without holding these hearings, except for in highly unusual circumstances.

The bill was first submitted by Chair of the Committee on the Status of Women MK Gideon Sa'ar and Chair of the Committee on Children's Rights MK Nadia Hilou.

The bill is based on recommendations made by a inter-ministerial committee that was established in 1998 in order to deal with the growing domestic violence problem in Israel.

Sa'ar said that the bill could help prevent many tragedies involving violence against woman.

The Knesset will vote on the bill in the upcoming weeks and it is expected to pass with ease.