MK Tibi: Judicial Committee Discriminates Against Arabs

Tibi slams committee for failing to select even one Arab on its list of 21 new district court judges.

MK Ahmed Tibi (United Arab List-Ta'al) slammed the Judicial Appointments Committee on Saturday for not selecting even one Arab among 21 newly appointed district court judges this week.

"The court system is infected with inequality in relation to Arab citizens, both in its rulings and in its workforce," he said, adding that the committee discriminates against Arabs.

Tibi, who heads the Knesset's parliamentary inquiry committee on the integration of Arab employees in the public sector, found that Arabs make up just 7 percent of all judges in the country and constitute less than 3 percent of all court employees.

Of the 21 district court judges who were appointed on Thursday, 18 of them were already judges and three of them were lawyers.