A Turkish Air Force F-16 fighter jet - AP
A Turkish Air Force F-16 fighter jet. Photo by AP
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Turkey's military says it has lost contact with a fighter plane in southern Turkey, in what is likely an accident, Turkey's NTV television cited military sources as saying Monday.

A military statement said it lost contact with the F-16 jet over a mountainous area in Osmaniye province, about 30 miles from the border with Syria. The plane had taken off from a base in northern Amasya province, some 450 kilometers (280 miles) away.

The statement said the pilot was lost shortly after he radioed in: "I'm going to jump. Turkey's NTV television said the pilot ejected safely from the plane. There was no confirmation of that report.

A search-and-rescue operation was launched, the statement said. The Anadolu news agency reported that the military plane had crashed