Mahmoud Abbas in Doha - AFP - October 30, 2011
Mahmoud Abbas attends a meeting of the committee of Arab foreign ministers in Doha to discuss Palestinian UN bid for statehood, October 30, 2011. Photo by AFP
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Palestinian Foreign Minister Riad Malki during a press conference in Nicosia, Cyprus, Thursday, Aug 2, 2012. Photo by AP

The Palestinian foreign minister says the Palestinians are putting their quest for international recognition at the UN on hold for now.

Foreign Minister Riad Malki says President Mahmoud Abbas has decided not to apply at the General Assembly session next month, although he will informally appeal for recognition in a speech.

The decision stands in contrast to last year, when the Palestinians asked the Security Council to admit them as a full member state.

That bid failed in the council. Since then, they have said they will apply to the General Assembly for lesser "nonmember state" status.

Analysts expect the Palestinians to resume their campaign after the U.S. presidential election.

Malki spoke Tuesday from Tehran, where he was attending a summit of non-aligned nations.