Fordow nuclear facility
The Fordow nuclear facility under construction inside a mountain located about 20 miles north northeast of Qom, Iran. Photo by AP
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Iran on Friday said the report by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) on its nuclear program proves it is of a peaceful nature, Tehran's envoy to the UN nuclear watchdog, Ali-Asqar Soltanieh said.

"The latest IAEA report again showed the peaceful nature of the Iranian nuclear program and further reflected the progress Iran achieved in nuclear technology," Soltanieh was quoted as saying by the Fars news agency.

According to the IAEA report released Friday, Iran has tripled its capacity to enrich uranium to elevated levels and doubled the number of centrifuges for enriching to 20 per cent at its fortified underground site at Fordo.

Iran is suspected by Western powers of building a nuclear weapon, for which high-grade enriched uranium is needed.

Soltanieh said the items mentioned in the latest IAEA report had already been announced earlier by Iranian officials who had confirmed production of 95.4 kilograms of 20 per cent and 5,441 kg of 5 per cent enriched uranium by Iran.

He added that not granting the visiting IAEA team access to the Parchin military complex in south-eastern Tehran was due to technical modalities but could be settled through further negotiations.

He also said that Iran was committed to both international nuclear regulations and continued cooperation with the IAEA "but Tehran will not make any concessions over its rights to pursue peaceful nuclear programs."