Iranian destroyer (Wikimedia)
An older class of Iranian-made destroyer, Jamaran, launched in 2007. Photo by Wikimedia Commons
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Wikimedia Commons
Damavand, the highest volcanic peak in Asia, after which the new Iranian-made destroyer is named. Photo by Wikimedia Commons

Iran will be unveiling new "home-made" military technology including a destroyer and missile defense systems on Army Day, which is this Friday, the Fars news site reports.

The destroyer, named the Damavand after the highest mountain (actually a volcano) in Iran, will only become operational later this year. No details about the warship's capacity were revealed.

While few details are available about the ship, other than that it will bear cannons and a missile system, the Damavand volcano – just 66 km northeast of Tehran - is considered to be active, based on fumarole activity at its top.

Other new missile systems to be unveiled Friday are a radar system, a missile-simulator system and a missile-launching system, according to Fars.

Iran has been making its own machines of war, from tanks to personnel carriers to fighter jets, since the 1980-88 war with Iraq.

As negotiations with the West over Iran's nuclear capacities continue, various reports indicate that Iran has been stepping up its defense systems. On Tuesday a senior army commander announced that the country has been beefing up its data gathering and transmission systems at air defense sites. Another stated on Saturday that Iran is building more air defense sites "in sensitive and strategic regions."