MI: 20 Grad-type Missiles Fired at Israel Over Course of Gaza Op

Several people treated for shock; at least 9 more rockets slam into western Negev, no reports of injuries.

A senior official in the Military Intelligence said Monday that militants in the Gaza Strip fired 20 Iranian-made Grad-type missiles at southern Israel over the course of the Israel Defense Forces offensive in recent days.

He said that Israel Air Force planes had bombed the largest rocket-making factory in Gaza over the course of the operation, killing the rocket-maker and his family, who lived above the laboratory.

He also said that the MI was concerned that Hezbollah was preparing to carry out terror attacks against Israeli targets abroad.

Meanwhile, a Grad-type Katyusha rocket scored a direct hit on a residential building in the southern city of Ashkelon on Monday morning, just hours after the IDF pulled its ground troops out of the Gaza Strip, culminating days of intensive fighting.

A few people were treated for shock at the scene of the Ashkelon attack, which occurred next to a local school. No injuries other than anxiety were reported, but many parents took their children out of school early, due to the attack.

Another rocket struck Ashkelon on Monday, but it was unclear what type.

Militants in Gaza also fired at least 11 Qassam rockets at various locations in the western Negev on Monday.

Palestinian militants in Gaza fired 33 rockets at southern Israel on Sunday, as the IDF continued its operation on the coastal territory.

Of those 33 rockets that hit Israel on Sunday, three were Grad-type Katyusha missiles and the rest were Qassams.

An Israeli woman suffered light shrapnel wounds when a Katyusha slammed directly into a house in Ashkelon late Sunday afternoon. Another person on the scene was treated for shock.

Earlier Sunday, an Israeli man was also wounded by shrapnel when a Qassam hit a western Negev factory, sparking a fire. Several other people were treated for shock.