McDonald's Adjusts Fries and Prices

The local McDonald's fast-food chain has recently made major changes in its children's and MacRoyal meals. Some of the portions included in the "Happy Meals" have been reduced and other alterations have been made in the sizes and prices of the various meals on offer.

McDonald's Israel CEO Omri Padan said the chain is standardizing its MacRoyal worldwide. Locally, as in the U.S. branches, portion sizes have been adjusted to those served in Europe. In addition, Israeli branches will now serve regular, large and super-size meals.

Padan: "There is an average 2-3 percent price increase, assuming 40 percent of customers buy regular meals, 40 percent buy the large ones and just 10 percent take the super-size option."

The price for the regular meal dropped 40 agorot to NIS 31.5, while the price for a large meal climbed by NIS 1.9, and the super-size option is now 60 agorot higher. "We didn't shrink the portions," Padan asserted. "We added a portion size and the basic meal size went from regular to large."

The change in portion sizes comes parallel to the launch of a new children's meal, with smaller portions of french fries and a smaller beverage: The fries weigh 20 grams less than those sold in the past.

Employees at a number of branches say many consumers have been upset by the changes. Padan said the meal price did increase by NIS 1, but it offers "a larger variety of alternatives to choose from, and is a good value."

Comparison between the three local burger chains reveals that a McDonald's burger is still the cheapest option.