Libya Submits anti-Israel Draft to UN Security Council

Sources say Libya, as well as Arab nations, is trying to leave the Gaza war on the UN's agenda.

Libya's representatives at the United Nations Security Council presented a resolution draft proposal Wednesday which included a series of severe condemnations of Israel in the wake of Operation Cast Lead.

Libya, the only Arab member of the Security Council, used an unofficial consultation between council members in order to submit the draft, which is based on UN findings on the Gaza war a href="">released two weeks ago.

The harsh report accused Israel and the IDF of damaging UN buildings, and of responsibility for the deaths of innocent civilians.

According to UN sources, the wording of the Libyan draft is even more radical than the original UN report, which was deemed one-sided by the Israeli government.

UN diplomats, however, suggested that the draft had little chance of being officially adopted. They indicated that never before has an internal UN report, like the one prepared after Israel's Gaza offensive, come to be discussed by the Security Council.

The diplomats said that Libya, tacitly supported by other Arab nations, was merely trying to keep the Gaza war on the UN's agenda.

Russia's UN ambassador and Security Council president Vitali Churkin told reporters that it was his impression that Libya would not push the draft forward, since most of the council's members, including those with veto power, have expressed their reservations at its content.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon had also expressed his objection to the draft, rejecting the recommendation to continue investigating IDF actions during Operation Cast Lead.