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A message to ArikI know you don't remember me - She'era Yuval from Gush Katif. But we've met, you and my family, at several important junctions in my life, and I would like to remind you of those times.06/08/05

A glimmer of hopeAnother week has gone by since the prime minister decided to impose a siege on us. Which means that even if my children and grandchildren want to visit to give me encouragement, we must go through a protracted nightmare.29/07/05

Go back to the hothousesThe most optimistic person in the world is the farmer, who plants a seed in the earth and expects to eat bread from it the next year. And you, the farmers of Gush Katif, are the most optimistic of all.15/07/05

Return to the barn, my son, the cows are waitingNitzan, my child of the dunes. In order to turn people against us, they are saying from every platform that the occupation corrupts, that we are not honest, that we are fraudulent.08/07/05

Standard-bearersAs I write this letter, two mortars explode close by and the public-address system announces that we have to enter the protected space.01/07/05

We are the borderTogether with the palm trees, I took with me to my new home in Gush Katif a pomegranate tree, an olive tree and a vine - all of them salient symbols of the house in the Valley, of the hold on the land and of its fruitfulness.24/06/05

This is my testamentIn this wonderful place we raised five children of dunes, proud ones; children of freedom, children of liberty, children of sea and sky, children who play by sliding down white sands. Today we see them with us shoulder to shoulder in the struggle headquarters.17/06/05