Left-wing MKs Talk With Palestinians at Occupied Hebron Buildings

MKs Khenin (Hadash and Vilan (Meretz) meet with residents who claim premises belong to them.

MKs Dov Khenin (Hadash) and Avshalom Vilan (Meretz) visited on Sunday the Hebron building occupied by settlers and talked with Palestinians claiming the premises belonged to them.

Peace Now activists held a demonstration nearby, protesting the settlers' weeklong occupation of the site. In addition, a group of Palestinians have set up a tent camp near the building in protest.

IDF and police forces had tried to prevent the protesters and the MKs among them from approaching the area. The authorities had threatened to declare the area a closed military zone before finally allowing the visit.

Vilan talked to the wife of Fayez Rajbi, who claims to own the building.

She and members of her family told Vilan they had bought the property 12 years ago. Majdi Jabri, a construction worker who built the building, said construction had been halted after the second Intifada broke out.

Ali Zamir, head of the police's Hebron region, told Haaretz that hardly any public disturbances had occurred in and around the compound. One of the settlers, David Wilner, said they were not in violation of any laws.

"I hope they don't devise some anti-Semitic law to evict us," he said.