Labor MK Requests Ethics Panel Debate on His Herzliya Bar Brawl

Marciano apologizes 'wholeheartedly' to security company and its staff following fight at Rio nightclub.

The head of the Labor parliamentary faction, MK Yoram Marciano, on Sunday asked the chairman of the Knesset Ethics Committee, MK Haim Oron, to hold a discussion on his involvement in a brawl with security guards at a Herzliya nightclub last week.

Following the incident, the guards filed a police complaint against Marciano, after which the Labor MK filed a counter-complaint.

A police probe into the events during a private party held at the Rio nightclub showed that a fight broke out following a row between Marciano and security guards at the club.

Marciano apparently asked the guards to let him leave the bar through the back door, but when the request was declined and Marciano was asked to leave via the front door, the Labor whip attacked the guards and tried to force his way out.

Marciano claimed that the security guards had punched him.

On Sunday, Marciano accepted full responsibility for his behavior and asked the panel to discuss the issue even though no formal complaint had been made against him.

Marciano's lawyer, Eldad Yaniv, said the lawmaker wrote that he apologizes "wholeheartedly to the security company and its staff."

Marciano intends to file a request to police through attorney Nevot Tel Tzur for a conciliatory meeting with the nightclub security staff.

The security officers told police Saturday morning that in the course of the struggle Marciano struck them. Shortly after, Marciano arrived at Glilot police station to file a complaint against the security staff, claiming that he did not hit them.

A photographer at the nightclub also filed a complaint against Marciano and one of his friends, claiming that they punched him as well.

This weekend, Marciano came to the conclusion that the incident escalated beyond control, and decided with his lawyer to organize the conciliatory meeting.

Tel Tzur expressed hope that police would respond to the initiative, and that both sides could apologize to one another.