Labor MK Files Complaint Against Security Staff Following Bar Brawl

Police said investigating Herzliya bar brawl involving MK Marciano; lawmaker says attacked when leaving bar.

MK Yoram Marciano, chairman of the Labor Knesset faction, filed a complaint Thursday morning against security officers at the Herzliya bar for allegedly striking him during a brawl Wednesday night.

The complaint, filed at Glilot police station, comes several hours after one of the security staff filed a complaint against Marciano.

Initial reports indicate that the incident took place Tuesday night at private party held at the Rio nightclub. Police probe into the events showed that the fight broke out following a row between Marciano and security guards at the club.

Marciano reportedly asked the guards to let him leave the bar through the back door, but when the request was declined and Marciano asked to leave via the front door, the Labor faction leader attacked the guards and tried to force his way out.

Army Radio said that witnesses told police Marciano had been drunk. The MK said that the security guards had punched him. The guards involved in the incident went to the Glilot police station to present their version of events, the radio said.

Marciano, however, told Army Radio on Thursday morning that while attending a birthday party at the club, he had been prevented from leaving by two security guards.

"After repeated requests which proved to be futile, I called the police, and while I waited for them, the owners of the club arrived and asked me to accept the guards' apologies," he said.

The police have asked to view footage from the club's security cameras to ascertain the correct version of events.