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Galilee District Police Wednesday said they had discovered a connection between the murders of Yivgeni Diakov, 18 and Anatoly Ziskin, 24, whose bodies were found earlier this month in Kiryat Shmona.

They said Diakov was murdered because he had witnessed Ziskin's murder, in order to stop him from going to the police.

A murder indictment will be issued Thursday against 25-year-old Kiryat Shmona resident Boris Minkin who was one of four suspects held in connection with the murder earlier this month.

Ziskin, 24, was married and had a 4-year-old daughter. A relative told the police that he was in the habit of spending time with his friends on weekends, and therefore the search after him only began on Saturday morning. She added that he did not have any known enemies and worked at temporary jobs.

On Sunday morning, the body of a man was discovered at a local mikveh (Jewish ritual bath), about 200 meters from the spot where Ziskin was discovered less than 24 hours earlier. There were signs of violence on this man's body as well. A gag order has been issued on the details of the police investigation.