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An Israir airplane carrying 178 passengers sustained engine failure shortly after takeoff Friday and had to make an emergency landing at Ben-Gurion Airport. The plane landed safely causing no casualties or damage.

The airplane, an Airbus A320 model, had taken off from Israel to Berlin when the pilots informed supervisors of pressure loss in one of the engines. The plane was directed back for landing and a state of alert was announced in the airport.

The pilots then decided to turn off the engine, which prompted the airport to declare a state of emergency as rescue teams were called into action.

In April, a Continental Airlines plane also made an emergency landing in Ben-Gurion Airport after engine failure caused the pilot to change route and head back to the Israeli airport shortly after takeoff.

The Boeing 777 plane, carrying 241 passengers on board, had to circle the Israeli airspace in order to be rid of excess fuel weight before finally landing in the airport, while Ben-Gurion air traffic controllers declared a state of emergency.