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An Israeli man is accused of murdering and dismembering the bodies of his girlfriend and their daughter, according to details of an investigation revealed Thursday.

The remains of Denise Rodov and her daughter Beatrice were found in separate locations last week, and the case was subject to a gag order until Thursday.

One of the bodies was found in the Alexander River, north of Netanya, last Friday, while earlier last week the torso of the other victim was found in a burning trash can on a residential street in Ramat Gan.

Police suspect that Eli Fahima, Denise Rodov's partner, murdered the two in Rodov's Ramat Gan apartment and dismembered their bodies. Fahima was arrested several days ago but continues to deny any connection to the murders.

The lifting of the gag order is expected to put an end to the persistent rumors that a particularly violent serial killer was on the run in Israel.

Last week a Ramle District Court judge allowed details of the murders to be published, but the gag order was then extended following an appeal by the police.

Police claimed in the last few days that although they have a lot of evidence, they are still a long way from cracking the case. One of the main problems they faced was identifying the bodies of the victims, because of the serious damage done to them.

Fahima has four children from a marriage that ended around two years ago.