Yair Lapid.
Yair Lapid. Photo by Nir Keidar
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Army Radio will not broadcast Tel Aviv's "Singing in the Square" Memorial Day event tonight because Yair Lapid, who is planning to run for Knesset, is emceeing the event as he has for several years.

Instead, the station, which had always broadcast the Tel Aviv event, will limit its broadcast to the official state ceremony in Jerusalem.

Lapid's role in the event has sparked public criticism and several individuals and groups, among them Almagor, a terror victims' group, has called on Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai to cancel Lapid's participation.

Earlier this week, a petition was filed with the High Court of Justice against Lapid's participation.

The petition, filed by attorney Assaf Even-Chen, calls on the court to prevent Lapid from emceeing, and to order the Second Television and Radio Authority to forbid Channel 10 from broadcasting the event if he hosts it.

Lapid refused to comment. The Tel Aviv municipality said Lapid has been emceeing the event for many years and that the invitation to do so again this year was sent long before he decided to enter politics.