Image of a leopard captured by IDF cameras.
Image of a leopard captured by IDF cameras.
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The Israel Defense Forces released film footage on Sunday that documents wild animals in the central region of the country.

The footage was collected as part of a joint initiative of the army and the Israel Nature and Parks Authority that began in 2007, when, upon an initial month-and-a-half long examination, more than 1,000 animals of 18 species were counted. In light of the impressive finding, the IDF and Authority strengthened their cooperation, having military surveillance equipment track the wildlife while continuing to conduct ongoing military activity.

Built into the West Bank separation fence are ecological corridors through which the animals can pass, crossing freely between Israel and the West Bank.

The Central Command says that the animals found in the area thus far include foxes, jackals, deers, caracals, pigs and porcupines, in addition to other animals that also included a leopard.