Holocaust siren - Tomer Appelbaum - 9.4.2011
Israelis standing as a siren sounds for Holocaust Remembrance Day in Tel Aviv, April 9, 2011. Photo by Tomer Appelbaum
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Two women were injured following traffic accidents reportedly taking place as the two were standing by their cars in respect of the Holocaust Remembrance Day siren on Thursday.

The two incidents were recorded as Israelis across the nation paused in memory of the six million Jews killed during the Holocaust, as a siren sounded throughout Israel.

In the first case, a 65-year-old woman was critically injured after hit by a car near Be'er Sheva, reportedly as the siren was still sounding. Meanwhile, on route 44 near Mikveh Israel south of Tel Aviv, a woman, 41, was moderately hurt following an accident reportedly taking place around the time of the siren.

It was not, however, yet clear if the second incident occurred as the woman was getting out of her car to stand for the siren, while the siren was sounding, or after it.

Holocaust Remembrance Day began Wednesday night at the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial in Jerusalem, in the presence of President Shimon Peres and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Six survivors of the Holocaust lit the torches representing the six million Jews murdered in the Holocaust.a