Arava dunes - Yuval Tebol - Sept. 17, 2010
Rolling sand dunes in the south of Israel. Photo by Yuval Tebol
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More than two dozen people, most of them tourists, were lightly injured on Wednesday in a pile-up accident involving two buses and a truck on the Arava highway in the Negev.

The 25 injured were taken to the Yoseftal Hospital in Eilat for treatment.

One of then worst bus crashes in Israeli history in December 2008 left 24 Russian tour guides dead and dozens more injured, also on the road near Eilat.

The driver of that bus, who survived, was blamed for causing his vehicle to swerve off a narrow desert road and plunged into a ravine.

While the driver said he lost control of his bus after an object fell on him, former Transportation Minister Shaul Mofaz insisted that an argument with another driver led to the tragic turn of events.