Galilee road accident - Haaretz - Sept. 8, 2010
Wreckage of a crash that killed three pedestrians in Kfar Yasif, September 8, 2010 Photo by Haaretz
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Three pedestrians were killed on impact Thursday night as a car swerved off the road and overturned in Kfar Yasif in the Western Galilee.

Police identified the victims as Dr. Nizar Toma, 46, brother of head of Kfar Yasif's council, his wife, Josephine, 46, and Nazrine Kareini, 39, a judge at the Nazareth family.

The three were apparently attempting to cross Route 70 when they were hit by the car, whose four passengers were all injured, two of them seriously. Police said they were questioning the driver, 19, who did not have a valid license.

Emergency crews pronounced all three pedestrians dead at the scene, while the injured passengers were taken to a hospital in Nahariya.

In Kfar Yasif there was widespread shock and mourning over the deaths of the three, who were well-known in the town, with some residents angrily criticizing local road conditions and the lack of pedestrian crossings and adequate lighting.