Troubled teenager
A troubled teenager (illustrative) Photo by Nir Keidar
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Three Jaffa brothers were indicted on Wednesday on charges that they attacked, kidnapped and imprisoned their younger brother, who is undergoing sex reassignment surgery, in order to preserve the family's honor.

The indictment charges that on the night of June 22 the three brothers, aged 34-38, found their 19-year-old brother working as a prostitute in south Tel Aviv's old central bus station area and forced him into their car. One of them allegedly tried to tie a rope around his neck but stopped after he pleaded for his life.

The three brothers, all of whom have criminal records related to drugs and violent offenses, allegedly took their brother to their parents' home in Jaffa and confined him there for three days. They allegedly stole his wigs, clothes and cell phone and threatened to kill him if he didn't change his lifestyle.

The indictment alleges the brothers used a bed to close the door to the teenager's room and tied his legs to the bed using metal chains. They and their parents allegedly tried to ensure the youth didn't escape and threatened to kill him if he did.

The indictment alleges that the brothers have previously beaten their younger sibling unconscious using a metal rod.

The youth eventually escaped by cutting the chains with pliers and jumping through a window.

Police said the brothers told them the youth had agreed to go with them to the family home and denied they had tied him up. However, they refused to futher cooperate with police after their parents confirmed that their son had been restrained with metal chains.

The brothers face multiple kidnapping charges, as well as charges of false imprisonment, making threats and theft.