The funeral of Armando Abed
The Sunday funeral of Armando Abed, who was killed by a U.S.-born gunman in Eilat on Friday. Photo by Jack Khoury
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The funeral of a hotel chef shot to death in Eilat on Friday was attended by thousands of people in the Western Galilee town of Mi'ilya on Sunday.

Armando Abed was killed by William Hershkovitz, a young American who had worked with the victim at the Leonardo Club Hotel. Hershkovitz was subsequently shot and killed by police.

During the funeral, Father Elias Abed, the town priest and a relative of the victim, said to mourners, "We call on the prime minister as citizens: Take responsibility and see to the personal security of citizens of this country, in light of the rising violence in society and because of the insufferable ease with which a person takes a weapon and shoots a citizen for no reason."

The CEO of the Leonardo Club Hotel, Ilan Levi, who eulogized Abed, said the chef had been loved by all the other employees at the hotel. "We miss him already," Levi added.

MK Jamal Zahalka said, "This cannot be treated as just another crime. This is a crime that hurts everyone. And what is important is to condemn the racism that is at the basis of this murder."

MK Ayoob Kara also attended the funeral.

Abed's father, Shukrallah Abed, asked Levi whether Hershkovitz had intentionally shot his son or was seeking some sort of revenge from someone else. An autopsy revealed that Abed had been shot numerous times.

A relative told Haaretz they were not convinced it was necessary for the police to kill Hershkovitz. "Why didn't they neutralize him and bring him in for questioning? Now his motive will never be known," the relative said.

Abed's relatives said they were sorry the U.S. Embassy had not seen fit to send a representative to the funeral, nor had the embassy called to express condolences.