Sephardi chief rabbi Shlomo Amar
Sephardi chief rabbi Shlomo Amar Photo by Tomer Appelbaum
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Sephardi Chief Rabbi Shlomo Amar Shlomo Amar on Thursday criticized Reform Jews whom he said are trying to impose a more liberal lifestyle on Israel.

Rabbi Amar wrote a letter to other Israeli rabbis in honor of the start of the Jewish month of Elul, saying, "We have reached our spiritual low point."

Amar added that he is shocked by the increasing violence, murders and lack of modesty. Above all, Amar said, the biggest problem threatening Israel is assimilation.

"Those who call themselves liberals and reformers and their friends and supporters" have brought us to a "spiritual low point," in which violence is rampant, modesty is lacking, and assimilation is at a high even in Israel, Amar wrote.

"They are digging their claws in the nation of Zion, and are trying to impose the lifestyle of other nations on us," Amar continued. "They established legions of warriors in Israel, whose purpose is to remove Torah from Israel."

Rabbi Amar added that Jews must try to influence Knesset members and ministers, and also to pray for these "lost sons" to return to the right path, because they are "our brothers, our flesh and blood, even if they are our rivals."