Social protest in Jerusalem - Emil Salman - 1.9.2011
Social protesters in Jerusalem, Sept. 1, 2011. Photo by Emil Salman
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Israel' socio-economic issues pose the greatest threat to the safety of its citizens, not the threat of terrorist attacks, protesters said in a rally near the Prime Minister's residence in Jerusalem on Friday.

The rally was composed of about ten participants, all of whom marched to Jerusalem from the southern city of Be'er Sheva to protest what they called Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's attempt to thwart a recent wave of social unrest by focusing on renewed tensions along the southern front with the Gaza Strip.

"Speaking as the citizens who are actually going down to the shelters [over rocket attacks] it's the economic situation that killing us," the protesters said, adding: "[Nentayhu] says that we're not dealing with the economic situation because they're firing at us. So they're firing, the social and economic situation is much worse."

Two of the protesters were arrested by police after they had attempted to disrupt traffic near the PM's residence, prompting the rest of the activists to relocate to Jerusalem's Paris Square, indicating that they later intended to protest in front of the police station in which their friends were detained.

The rally took place a day before a day before massive protests are expected to take place around the country, nicknamed the "March of the Million," capping 52 days since social unrest began across Israel.