Former PM Ehud Olmert outside a corruption trial hearing at a Jerusalem court, March 22, 2010
Former PM Ehud Olmert outside a corruption trial hearing at a Jerusalem court. Photo by Haaretz
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Former prime minister Ehud Olmert will be questioned on Tuesday morning regarding the Holyland corruption probe.


Olmert is expected to be interrogated on a line of corruption charges, among them accepting bribes worth NIS 1 million from the contractors of the Holyland real estate project while he was mayor of Jerusalem. Olmert's interrogation is expected to last several hours.


Olmert's media adviser Amir Dan said in response that "After six weeks of impartial and baseless leaks, the police finally decided to hear Olmert's statement on the subject, and now he will be able to respond to the allegations against him."


Dan also said that Olmert specifically emphasized that he was never offered bribes, and that he never took bribes in any capacity.


The allegations involve bribes paid to obtain permits for a number of real estate projects, one of which has been identified as the highly controversial Holyland residence project in Jerusalem. The project, built on the site of the Holyland Hotel despite large-scale public protests, was promoted during Olmert's decade-long tenure as mayor of Jerusalem.


Two other projects, which were never implemented, concern developing tourism at the Manara Cliff site in the Upper Galilee and construction at the former site of the Hiriya landfill, which today is being converted into a park. Both projects were promoted when Olmert served as industry, trade and labor minister.