A demonstration calling against the deportation of Israeli-born A.J. Mathias, July 1, 2012.
A demonstration in Tel Aviv calling against the deportation of Israeli-born A.J. Mathias, the daughter of a Filipino migrant, July 1, 2012. Photo by Daniel Bar-On
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Nir Kafri
Diners at a Phillipine restaurant in Tel Aviv in 2009. Photo by Nir Kafri

MANILA, Philippines — The Philippines has lifted a ban on the deployment of Filipino workers to Israel and Gaza in the wake of a truce between Israeli and Hamas forces.

About 40,000 Filipinos work in Israel, mostly as caregivers.

Labor Secretary Rosalinda Baldoz said Saturday that newly hired workers may now be sent for employment in Jerusalem and in southern and central Israel cities and towns after the Department of Foreign Affairs the previous day lowered its security alert for these areas. The ban was imposed in November.

The Israel embassy says it welcomes the government's decision.

Ambassador Menashe Bar-On has said Israel is a preferred overseas destination for Filipino workers because of the high pay as well as the social security and medical benefits available to foreign workers