Shula Zaken - Nir Keidar
Shula Zaken. Photo by Nir Keidar
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Shula Zaken who served as bureau chief for former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, was convicted on Sunday by a Jerusalem court on charges of corruption.

Zaken, who was office manager for Olmert when he was finance minister and prime minister, was convicted of charges of fraud and breach of trust over engaging in bribery to influence promotions within Israel's Tax Authority.

Judge Haim Li-Ran said that Zaken's version of events was unreliable.

Zaken was charged over the case in 2009. The investigation into the case focused on allegations of bribery and breach of trust involving two businessmen and political operators with manifold interests within the Tax Authority - Kobi Ben-Gur and Yoram Karashi (who is Zaken's brother) - and senior tax officials, chiefly Former Tax Authority director Jacky Matza.

Three of those accused in the case have already been served with prison sentences. Matza was sentenced to one year in prison, Karashi was sentenced to seven months, and Yigal Saar, the former Tax Authority representative to the U.S., was sentenced on Sunday to a five month prison sentence and a 12-month conditional sentence.

The four remaining suspects were sentenced to community service.

Matza signed a plea bargain over four counts of fraud and breach of trust, and one count of bribery assistance, followed by former vice president of administration of the Tax Authority, Shmuel Bobarov, who announced that was also signing a plea bargain because of his health. Bobarov was convicted of four counts of fraud and breach of trust, and was sentenced to six months imprisonment, which he will serve as community service.

Shortly after that, Ben-Gur signed a plea bargain with the prosecution over two counts of bribery and two counts of soliciting public officials in breach of public trust.