Natan Eshel
Natan Eshel. Photo by Emil Salman
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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's bureau chief, Natan Eshel, who is suspected of sexually harassing a subordinate, will remain on the forced vacation he began last Sunday until the Civil Service Commission completes its investigation into the affair.

Eshel, who is being represented by attorney Jacob Weinroth, is expected to be questioned under caution this week.

In a few days, Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein will begin holding consultations with all the involved parties to decide how to proceed.

Eshel is suspected of harassing R., who works for him in Netanyahu's bureau. Eshel allegedly followed her, searched her private emails and snapped photos of her of a sexual nature.

To date, the Civil Service Commission has collected at least 16 testimonies from various individuals, some of which seem to support the allegations against Eshel in a way that cannot be ignored, sources involved in the investigation say.

R. still refuses to testify, let alone file a complaint against Eshel. Weinstein will have to make a decision about how to pursue the case if R. does not come forward.