earthquake - Alon Ron - March 23 2011
Conducting an earthquake drill. Photo by Alon Ron
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A magnitude six earthquake in Crete was felt across Israel on Friday, especially along the coast.

Although the source of the quake was almost 800 kilometers from Israel, dozens of residents reported that they felt the trembling.

The source of the quake was 60 kilometers below the earth's surface. Magen David Adom paramedics say that no one was injured in Israel as a result of the quake.

Head of the Geophysical Institute of Israel Rami Hopshteter said that even weaker and more distant quakes can be felt stronger in Israel.

"Its clear that a quake of this intensity would be felt at many places in Israel," Hopshteter said, referring to the quake in Crete.

The quake that ravaged Japan earlier this month has brought the issue of Israel's quake-preparedness to the forefront.

Last week, State Comptroller Micha Lindenstrauss said that the Israeli government has done nothing to improve its status quo of unpreparedness for an earthquake, despite more than a decade of warning.

"The warning issued in this special report is a red flag for the prime minister and the government of Israel," wrote Lindenstrauss in the preface of a special report on the matter.

State Comptroller's Office employees studied several aspects of the ability of buildings and infrastructure in Israel to withstand an earthquake.

The general conclusion of the report is that very little has been done to improve the stability of buildings in the decade that has elapsed since the release of the last in-depth report that dealt with this issue.