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Israeli police arrested 21 people last week, several of which are private investigators, on suspicion of selling and distributing sophisticated software which allows the hacking and tracking of mobile phones, it was revealed Monday, after a gag order was lifted on the case.

The illegal program allows people to eavesdrop on incoming and outgoing calls, look through text messages, and find the location of the device at any given moment.

Those who purchased the software were asked to bring the mobile phone they sought to track to a specific location, where the software could be installed on the phone. The program was mostly used by men and women who believed their partners were having affairs.

The police unit in charge of investigating fraud used an undercover agent which was sent to one of the businesses which sold the software. There, the agent asked to install the software on her partner’s cell phone. After gathering enough evidence against the suspects, the police began the process of arrests.

The police are continuing the investigation, and intend on locating those who requested the illegal service, along with those who sold it.