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The Israel Defense Forces and the Palestinian Authority security organizations have increased their coordination ahead of the disengagement. The IDF said there has been a sharp drop in Palestinian terrorism in the Gaza Strip, which the army chalks up to a concentrated effort to pressure by the PA, assisted by the Egyptians, on terror groups.

Brigadier General Aviv Kokhavi, IDF commander in Gaza, met yesterday with his Palestinian counterpart, Brigadier General Suleiman Hils, and the PA deputy minister for public security, Jamal Abu-Zayd.

On Sunday they will meet for a final pre-pullout meeting, and joint or adjacent operations rooms will be inaugurated to coordinate the deployment of forces.

By Monday night the Palestinians are to deploy 7,500 security personnel near the settlements, to prevent Palestinian marches on the communities before they are evacuated, and to thwart rocket, mortar and shooting attacks.

Also on Monday night, the IDF will step up it deployment outside the settlements to protect them against terror attacks.

As part of this effort, the IDF will occupy a narrow strip near the settlements of the northern Gaza Strip and on the outskirts of Khan Yunis, east of central Gush Katif. The deployment will be implemented in coordination with the Palestinians.