Eshkol reservoir- Yaron Kaminsky- 21.6.2010
Eshkol reservoir June 21, 2010. Photo by Yaron Kaminsky
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The level of fluoride added to drinking water in Israel is inadequate, according to a Health Ministry report released on Monday.

In 67 percent of tests performed by the ministry's Department for Environmental Health, water fluoridation levels were insufficient to prevent tooth decay. However, excessively high levels of fluoride were found in drinking water in Ashdod and Kadima.

The Health Ministry recently decided to increase its inspection of drinking water in order to prepare for further fluoride shortages.

The issue of water fluoridation is controversial in Israel. In March 2007, a government committee recommended to annul the requirement to add fluoride to drinking water, following claims that water fluoridation harms the environment.

However, the health ministry did not accept the committee's recommendations and continues to require water fluoridation.