peres - Gil Eliyahu - August 17 2011
President Shimon Peres celebrates his 88th birthday, August 16, 2011. Photo by Gil Eliyahu
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President Shimon Peres celebrated his 88th birthday on Tuesday in the Lower Galilee village of Kfar Tavor, also marking the 110th anniversary of its founding on the same day.

“Don’t think about one’s age, look ahead to the future, that’s how to stay young at heart,” Peres said to the well-wishers that greeted him.

Peres also mentioned the tent protesters in his remarks, saying, “We are at the apex of a time when the youth, with their indomitable belief in change and belief in the power of the people are leading a wave of protests and demanding justice. Israel will be judged. It is good that our youth have raised the value of social justice to its rightful place.”

According to Peres, “Their protest is the result of the people’s real distress and the desire for the necessary change.” He continued, “If we don’t deal with it, the distress and the disappointment will increase.”