People on the beach. Illustration.
People on the beach. Illustration. Photo by Archive
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A Haifa resident was stabbed Sunday by five youngsters during a picnic on a beach in the northern town. The man, Pavel Gorbonov, who recently immigrated to Israel from Russia, was hospitalized in Rambam Hospital in moderate condition and treated for his wounds.

Gorbonov was on the beach with his wife, their newly born baby and a friend, when he noticed five young men standing next to his vehicle and approached them, he recalled.

The discussion soon became a brawl, and one of the men stabbed Gorbonov in his chest.

Police suspected that the men were attempting to break into his car when he approached them.

"We were walking along the beach, and when we saw people standing near our car my husband went to see what they were doing and they attacked him," Gorbonov's wife said, adding that three of the men entered their vehicle and attempted to run her over as they fled the scene.