Haaretz correspondents Akiva Eldar and Benny Ziffer
Haaretz correspondents Akiva Eldar and Benny Ziffer Photo by Nir Kafri
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The International Council for Press and Broadcasting awarded its Peace Through Media prize to Haaretz senior political correspondent Akiva Eldar last Saturday in London.

Lord Stone of Blackheath presented the award together with Dalia Salaam of the Next Century Foundation to Eldar and three other journalists: Ian Black of The Guardian, Reuters' Middle East editor Samia Nakhoul, and Patrick Cockburn, Middle East correspondent for The Independent.

"The Media Awards are awarded to journalists and broadcasters who, through the consistently high standard of their work, promote better understanding of the people and politics of the Middle East," Black said.

Haaretz' Benny Ziffer won the council's award for outstanding contribution to new media.