Egged bus fire December 4, 2011 (Emil Salman)
The burned Egged bus on Highway 1, Dec. 4, 2011. Photo by Emil Salman
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An Egged bus caught on fire on Sunday morning on Highway 1, the main Tel Aviv-Jerusalem highway, causing heavy disruptions during the morning rush hour.

Police called on the public to use Highway 443, an alternative route between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

The bus has been towed from the scene and Highway 1 has been reopened to travel, but heavy traffic continues.

The bus departed Beit Shemesh for Jerusalem before 7 A.M. It caught on fire near the Neve Ilan interchange. The bus was evacuated and no passengers were hurt.

The bus driver said the fire was caused by a malfunction in the engine.

Also on Sunday, track work shut down rail traffic in southern Israel and Jerusalem. Large crowds were reported at main bus stations throughout southern Israel.

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