Fire in National park in Golan Heights
Fire in the Golan Heights on Thursday May 27, 2010. Photo by Alon Ron
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Fires broke out across Israel on Friday, a result of the heat wave that has afflicted the country over the past week.

Six firefighting crews are battling a large blaze near the Ora and Aminadav moshavs in the hills outside of Jerusalem.

Firefighters from Kiryat Shmona are working to contain a fire near the Banias nature reserve in the Golan Heights. Hikers have been ordered not to enter the area and helicopters are being used in the efforts to extinguish the blaze.

Near the town of Yirka in the Galilee, four firefighting crews, aided by aircraft, are operating against a large brushfire that broke out Friday afternoon. Elsewhere in the Galilee, five firefighting crews are quelling a blaze near Sakhnin.

In the last three months, about 1,000 fires have broken out in Israel, scorching around 20,000 dunams and destroying about 700,000 trees.