The Labor Court in Jerusalem - Shiran Granot - February 26, 2012.
The Labor Court in Jerusalem, February 26, 2012. Photo by Shiran Granot
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The Labor Court in Jerusalem has ordered Steve's Packs, a backpacking and camping chain, to pay tens of thousands of shekels in compensation to three employees for poor working conditions.

The three plaintiffs claimed in their suit they were required to work under difficult physical conditions and that they were only allowed to go to the restroom, talk to one another on the job and have hot beverages during breaks times set by their employer.

The plaintiffs, who were each awarded between NIS 30,000 and NIS 45,000, plus attorneys' fees by the Jerusalem regional labor court, also accused the company's CEO, Steve Wise, of following their movements on suspicion that they were stealing merchandise, and of increasing their work load to such an extent that they were doing the work of a number of employees.

Wise's attorney contended that the plaintiffs had failed to prove their case, but the judge found the employees' account credible.