An iPad computer Photo by AP
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A panel of lawmakers decided on Sunday that members of Knesset should be entitled to receive the new iPad as one of the three computers allotted to them on their yearly public relations budget.

Every MK receives an annual budget of NIS 68,000 for both office purposes and public relations. An MK who does not have an office is granted a budget of NIS 49,000 for public relations.

The budget limits each MK to purchase only three computers on an annual basis. According to this, the iPad will be considered a regular computer. The iPhone, however, will be considered a cellular appliance.

The other appliances MKs are permitted to buy on the public relations budget include a 26 inch TV, a palm pilots, cellular phones, DVDs, digital cameras, office furniture, refrigerators, air conditioners, electric kettles, and MP3s.

The budget is also assigned to the organization of press conferences, public opinion polls, internet connection and hotel bills while on public duty.