Ashkelon skyline
The Ashkelon skyline. Local nouveaux riches' tastes are getting more refined. Photo by GPO
Alex Levac
Shabtai Tsur. Photo by Alex Levac

The Ashkelon city council is expected to approve the request of its deputy mayor to name the street on which he lives after himself, even though streets are generally named only after people who have been dead at least two years.

Since the city council is authorized to approve exceptions to that principle, it looks like Hayl Hayam Street (in English, that would be Navy Street) will become Shabtai Tsur Street after the council meets this week to make a final decision. The city’s naming committee has already approved the request, in a meeting last week.

Tsur, who heads the local branch of Likud, is a former ambassador to Georgia and was considered close to the late Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.