Eyal Golan
Eyal Golan. Photo by Aloni Mor
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Moti Kimche
Danny Biton, Eyal Golan's father, at a Tel Aviv Magistrate's Court, November 21, 2013. Photo by Moti Kimche

Singer Eyal Golan is unlikely to stand trial on underage sex charges after the four girls who accused him admitted under questioning that they had lied, Channel 2 TV reported on Tuesday night.

Transcripts from the investigation, some of which were revealed on TV, indicate that people close to Golan had used his name to seduce underage girls, without the singer having been involved.

Golan's father, his driver and a friend of his are suspected of having sex with underage girls, many of them from broken families, on a regular basis. The singer himself is not suspected of any crime, the channel reported.

The state prosecutor is expected to indict the main suspect, Golan's father Danny Biton, in the near future.

The police investigation lasted for three months, during which the police recorded telephone calls made by Biton. The recordings made it clear that Biton knew that the girls he was having sex with were underage, according to Channel 2.