The scene of the car blast near Petah Tikva.
The scene of the car blast near Petah Tikva. Photo by Hadar Cohen
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Two people were killed Thursday evening in a car blast at Yarkonim junction near Petah Tikva.

The explosion occurred on Route 5, going from east to west. The two people in the car were both pronounced dead at the scene by a Magen David Adom rescue services team.

The explosion caused a multi-car pile-up on the road behind it. One man and one woman were lightly injured in the subsequent accident.

Both Route 5 and he section of Route 40 near the scene were blocked to traffic after the accident.

Israel Police are investigating whether the blast was caused by a bomb in the vehicle, either planted to kill the occupants of the car or being transported by them. The option that a mechanical fault in the car caused the blast has not been ruled out. Police were searching the remains of the car and the surrounding area for additional explosive devices late Thursday night.

In February, two people died in a car blast in Rishon Letzion. Police at the time thought the explosion was underworld-related, and that the bomb that caused the blast had been attached to the vehicle.