Israel to Celebrate 61st Birthday With Concerts, Military Shows

This year's the central ceremony in Jerusalem will incorporate Tel Aviv's 100th anniversary.

Independence Day celebrations will kick off Tuesday night with singing and acting performances on dozens of outdoor stages throughout the country after the central ceremony at Mount Herzl in Jerusalem.

Former Tel Aviv mayor Shlomo Lahat, musician Kobi Oz, actress Yevgenia Dodina and Abanov Shohan, 16, a guide in HaNoar Haoved Vehalomed Youth Movement, are among the 13 people singled out to light beacons at the ceremony.

This year's ceremony will incorporate Tel Aviv's 100th anniversary. Tomorrow, on Independence Day, the army will hold air and sea displays and Israel Defense Forces bases will open to the public. The National Bible Quiz and a ceremony for outstanding soldiers will be held in Jerusalem.

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    In addition, Israel is to impose a closure over the West Bank on Tuesday for Memorial Day and Independence Day until midnight of the following day. During that period, no Palestinians will be allowed into Israel except in cases of humanitarian emergency.