Israel's 'Ajami' Nominated for Best Foreign Film Oscar

This is the third consecutive year an Israeli film is nominated for best foreign film in Academy Awards.

The Israeli film "Ajami" was named Tuesday as one of the five films in the running for the foreign language Oscars at the upcoming Academy Awards, making it the third consecutive year in which an Israeli film has been nominated for this prestigious award.

"Ajami" was short-listed alongside nine foreign-language films, including works from Bulgaria and Kazakhstan.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences says a committee of several hundred members selected the films from 65 that qualified in the category.

The Academy Awards ceremony is set for March 7.

The film has already taken the Sutherland first-feature award at the London Film Festival last year.

"Ajami," co-directed by Palestinian Scandar Copti and Israeli Yaron Shani, and set in a mixed Jewish-Arab district of Jaffa.

Last year the Israeli film "Waltz With Bashir" was nominated for the award, and despite the Oscar buzz which favored the film, it lost to the Japanese film Departures. The previous year the film Beaufort was nominated as one of the final top five foreign language films, but did not win the award.