Iran's Khamenei Says Bush Is War Criminal Comparable to Hitler

Iran's supreme leader says ush will be brought before war tribunal for the catastrophe he caused in Iraq.

Iran's supreme leader Friday compared U.S. President George W. Bush to Adolf Hitler and predicted that he would eventually be brought to court as a war criminal.

"The day will come that Bush would be brought to a war tribunal for the catastrophe he caused in Iraq. He has to be called to account just like in the case of Hitler and Saddam," Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said in the Friday prayer ceremony in Tehran.

"[Bush] has to reply to the simple question why a rich country like Iraq has no water, no electricity, no hospitals, no schools... the only thing the U.S. brought into Iraq was terrorism," Khamenei added.

The Ayatollah said that the U.S. had in the last three decades followed the plan to have full domination of the Middle East with "Israel as its capital," but failed in Iraq, as well as in Iran, Lebanon and the Palestine Territories.

He added that the U.S. used Iraq to stage a war against Iran (1980-1988)with the aim of toppling the Islamic system, but failed.

He said the U.S. staged elections in the Palestine Palestinian Authority, in which Hamas emerged as the winner, and tried to disarm the Hezbollah in Lebanon only to suffer "a humiliating defeat for what was believed to be the undefeatable Israeli army."

Khamenei added that U.S. plans to impose sanctions on Iran due to the continuation of its nuclear programs would "just make the nation stronger than before."