IDF Kills Palestinian Approaching Gaza Settlement

Israel Defense Forces troops shot and killed a Palestinian man who tried to carry out a terror attack at the south Gaza Strip settlement of Morag on Monday night, the IDF told the Itim news agency.

Palestinian sources confirmed that a 34-year-old man had been killed in the area.

The IDF said troops ambushed the Palestinian near abandoned greenhouses in the Morag area after receiving intelligence information that an explosive device had earlier been hidden in the greenhouses.

Troops shot and killed the Palestinian when he crawled to the greenhouses, apparently to detonate the bomb, the army said.

IAF missile strike misses Al-Aqsa Brigades deputyAn Israel Air Force helicopter gunship fired a missile at the outskirts of the Jenin refugee camp on Monday in what appears to be a failed attempt to assassinate Mohammed Halifa, a deputy to the commander of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades in Jenin, Zacharia Zubeida. Halifa was apparently unhurt, although Palestinians said a 9-year-old girl was wounded in the attack.

Medics said the girl, Yara Abed, suffered light wounds from the missile, which landed in a bedroom in the house.

The IDF confirmed that the Air Force had targeted a senior official in a terror organization near Jenin, and said the missile missed its target, hitting a nearby residential building instead.

A young Palestinian man was wounded in his face from a rubber bullet Monday during clashes with IDF troops and stone-throwing Palestinians near the West Bank separation fence close to the village of Budrus. Two Border Policemen were lightly hurt.

In the Gaza Strip, an Israeli man was lightly wounded Monday morning by shots fired at an IDF position close to the town of Khan Yunis. The man, who was working on a crane at the time, was evacuated from the scene for medical treatment.

Earlier, a mortar shell hit a house on a settlement in Gush Katif. There were no injuries, and the building was lightly damaged.

A bomb exploded Monday near IDF troops along the Gaza-Egypt border. There were no injuries.

In the pre-dawn hours of Monday morning, police and soldiers evacuated the illegal Giborim outpost, close to Hebron, and the adjacent Hazon David synagogue. This is the 19th time that the outpost has been removed, and the 15th time that the makeshift synagogue dismantled.

Settlers vowed to retake both sites.