IDF Detains Two pro-Palestinian Foreigners in West Bank Raid

Arrest operation marks third time Israeli forces have entered West Bank to arrest foreign activists.

Israel Defense Forces soldiers on Sunday arrested two pro-Palestinian activists from Spain and Australia during a raid on the West Bank city of Ramallah.

Israeli forces routinely enter the territory to arrest Palestinians accused of militant activity. However, Sunday's raid marks only the third time troops have seized foreigners there on suspicion their visas had expired.

The activists are members of the International Solidarity Movement, agroup involved in protests against Israel's West Bank separation barrier.

The activists' lawyer, Omer Shatz, says he believes his clients were targeted because of their political activity.

In recent months, Israel has intensified its arrest campaign against those involved in the anti-barrier protests.

Haaretz learned last week that Israel's new immigration police has joined security forces in cracking down on foreign activists residing in the Palestinian West Bank.

The Oz Unit participated two weeks ago in the attempted arrest of a number of activists in the West Bank town of Bil'in, and also in the raid that nabbed leading Palestinian militants Mohammed Hatib that same night. The week before that, the unit took part in the arrest of a Czech activist in Ramallah.